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Combining Art & Serving  the Community Since 2016

Studio 45: Multimedia’s founder and owner, Braxton C. Daniels III, started his photography while studying art & Technology at The Ohio State University.

Braxton C. Daniels III

Born in 1996, A Mansfield, Ohio native, Braxton C. Daniels III has become a recognized name in both the photography community and the community-at-large. Attending College at The Ohio State University, he has been impactful in the cultural growth of Downtown Mansfield through his photography, often partnering with surrounding companies & organizations and promoting events to enhance and engage others. Braxton uses modern-day technology to create distinct images and continues to learn, grow, and evolve as technology changes. He is a board member of the North End Community Improvement Collaborative (NECIC) and an active member of the Mansfield community who strives to bring life, art, and culture to Mansfield, Ohio.

Where it all Began…

“I’ve always had a deep interest in art, but photography had been outside of my skill set… something I hadn’t tapped into. I took photography in college and started taking photos as a hobby. It resonated with me in a way other artforms hadn’t. It became a very therapeutic tool for me during a difficult time in my life.  Photography is now so much more than just taking photos for me. It’s a form of expression that reaches beyond time itself and has the ability to connect others regardless of race, religion, age, or background.” -Braxton Daniels III

Studio 45: Multimedia

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Braxton C. Daniels III